Project Details
Klondike Interceptor Project
Contract No. 304,735, Budget ID H09199
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Project Location:Louisville, Kentucky
Contact:See Below
(502) 540-6000
PreBid Date: 2/5/2013 10:30 A.M. Bid Opening Date: 3/1/2013 10:00 A.M.
PreBid Information:Non-mandatory meeting -- Location: MSD Main Office Bldg., 700 W. Liberty St., Louisville, KY 40203

Bid Information:Location: MSD Main Office Bldg., 700 W. Liberty St., Louisville, KY 40203

Public Notes:
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Bid Results

Please note that the bid date has been changed to March 1, 2013.

Sealed bids addressed to the Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District, 700 W. Liberty St., Louisville, KY 40203 for the construction of the Klondike Interceptor Project, Contract No. 304,735, Budget ID No. H09199, Drawing Record No. 304,735, Sheets 1 through 12 will be received at the office of MSD until 10:00 A.M. Local Time, February 19, 2013, and at that place and time be publicly opened and read.

Description and location of Project: The project will include the installation of approximately 3,360 linear feet of 36-inch sewer. This project also includes installing 17 manholes, pavement removal, erosion control, stream bank restoration, and appurtenance work. The project is located in the vicinity of Klondike Lane and Hikes Lane, Louisville, KY 40220.

A Non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at the Main Office Building, 700 W. Liberty St., Louisville, KY 40203 at 10:00 A.M. Local Time, February 5, 2013. The requirements of MSD's Supplier Diversity (MBE/WBE Participation) Contractor Compliance Program (CCP) will be fully explained at this meeting. The deadline for a Waiver Request on this Contract is 5:00 P.M. Local Time, February 8, 2013.

The Engineer’s Construction Cost Estimate for this project is between $1,000,000 to $1,500,000.

Plans, Specifications and Information for bidders will be available on, January 22, 2013, online at Copies of the construction drawings and specifications will no longer be available for pick-up at the MSD Customer Service counter. The charge for each set of contract documents is outlined on the above-referenced web site. When applicable, an Excel spreadsheet of the bid items will be available for download on the web site at no additional charge.

Persons wishing to view the bid documents may do so online at, or at the following locations: Builders Exchange of Louisville, Inc., 2300 Meadow Drive; Associated Builders & Contractors of Kentuckiana, 1810 Taylor Avenue; and F. W. Dodge, 1812 Taylor Avenue; all located in Louisville, Kentucky; and the Associated General Contractors of Kentucky, 2321 Fortune Drive, Suite 112, Lexington, Kentucky.

All inquiries and questions prior to the bid opening shall be directed, in writing, to MSD's Project Manager David Coe Questions received less than five days prior to the date for opening of bids may not be answered. Only questions answered by formal written addenda will be binding. Oral and other interpretations or clarifications will be without legal effect. All inquiries and questions between the bid opening and the contract awarding shall be directed, in writing, to MSD's Chief Engineer, Steve W. Emly, P.E.

IF THE ENGINEER’S CONSTRUCTION COST ESTIMATE IS $50,000 OR MORE, Bidders shall comply with MSD's Supplier Diversity (MBE/WBE Participation) Contractor Compliance Program (CCP). See MSD Construction-Related MBE/WBE Documents and Forms. The CCP is considered as one of the elements of responsiveness in a bid. Bidders must subcontract at least 15% of the total amount of the Contract Bid price to a certified MBE and 6% to a certified WBE, or the bidder must have submitted adequate documentation for failure to do so (see the CCP for specific requirements). Each bidder is responsible for careful review of the MBE/WBE CCP requirements contained in the bid documents. Failure to fully comply with the CCP may be grounds for rejection of the bid as non responsive.

MSD shall give preference to a resident bidder of the Commonwealth in the evaluation of this Bid, in conformance with MSD’s Procurement Regulations, Section 2A-13 as adopted by MSD’s Board September 27, 2010, which provides as follows:

a. MSD shall give a preference to a resident bidder of the Commonwealth as against a nonresident bidder registered in any state that gives or requires a preference to bidders from that state. The preference given shall be equal to the preference given or required by the state of the nonresident bidder. A resident bidder is any business entity that is authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth and has, for one year prior to and through the date of the advertisement, filed Kentucky corporate income taxes, made payments to the Kentucky unemployment insurance fund established in KRS 341.490 and maintained a Kentucky workers’ compensation policy in effect.

b. If a procurement determination results in a tie between a resident bidder and a nonresident bidder, preference shall be given to the resident bidder.

c. The preference for resident bidders shall not be given if the preference conflicts with federal law.

All bidders must submit a completed and signed Resident Bidder Preference Certification Affidavit along with their bid proposal. The Affidavit should be included in the bid package. This form may be found on MSD's website at Miscellaneous MSD Forms and Documents.

An Excel Spreadsheet of the bid items is available for download. Click Here To Download

The Contract will be awarded on the basis of the lowest responsive, responsible bid, subject to the approval of the Board of MSD. MSD reserves the right to reject any or all bids or waive any informality in any bid.


Steve W. Emly, P.E.
Chief Engineer

Job Purchase Information:
A complete set of plans and specs are available for a purchase of $36.00 payable to Lynn Imaging. Sets may be ordered through this website by using a Credit Card or Lynn Account.

There will be a $17.00 shipping charge for each set shipped UPS Ground payable to Lynn Imaging. Delivery surcharges are subject to change. There will be an $9.00 handling fee for the use of shipper numbers (Fed-Ex or UPS).

Mail checks to Lynn Imaging, Att: Distribution, 11460 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, Ky 40299.